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Dress Code

Take Note

While you are in court the following are prohibited:  

  • Cellular phones
  • Talking
  • Knives, ice pricks, guns, corrosive liquid or any form of weapon
  • Chewing gum, food or drink
  • Dark glasses or cosmetically tinted glasses
  • Shorts, slippers, caps or hats
  • Luggage except handbags, briefcase

Male Attorneys

  • Business or lounge suits.
  • Blazers and trousers of sober colour.
  • Shirt buttoned at the neck with tie of  sober colour.
  • Shoes and socks are to be worn, not including sandals or slippers.

Female Attorneys

  • Dress pant or skirt suit, skirts and blouse with soberly cut neckline at the front and the back. The skirt should end not higher than one inch above the knee.
  • Shoes, not including sandals or slippers.


General Public


  • Moderate dress is expected
  • chest, stomach or thigh must not be exposed
  • Tight clothing - eg. blouse, pants or mini skirt are not allowed


  • Earrings should not be worn
  • Shirts must be tucked inside pants
  • Chest or chest hair must not be exposed
  • Pants should be secured to the waistline
  • Hipsters pants are not allowed