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Revision of jurisdictional limits of the RM Court in Civil Matters

(under the Judicature (Resident Magistrates) Act ("JRMA") and other statutes)


Type of Matter  Current Limit
Common law claims (contract and/or tort) - sections 71(a), 73(2), 74, 75 of JRMA $1,000,000
Claims in which distress or replevin or property or goods is sought- section 79 of JRMA $1,000,000
Claims to by caveator restrain land being brought under the RTA-section 84 of JRMA $2,000,000
Claims for rent or mense profits by a landlord who is seeking recovery of possession from tenant holding over after tenancy has expired or has been terminated by notice to quit-section 86 of JRMA $1,000,000
Maximum annual rental of real property in respect in respect of which landlord can sue tenant for arrears of rent or damages for breach of covenant (without formal demand or re-entry) section 87 of JRMA $1,000,000
Maximum "annual value" or real property in respect of which disputes as title can be heard and an order for possession granted- section 96 of JRMA $500,000
Maximum value of property (real and personal), or secured debt, which may be subjected to a claim or other action seeking equitable remedies or other proprietary relief- section 105 of JRMA $3,000,000
Maximum value of deceased's estate (real and personal) for probate and administration jurisdiction - sections 108, 116 of JRMA $3,000,000
Maximum amount of claim (for debt or damages) which may be removed from the RM Court to the Supreme Court if the court thinks fit- section 130 of JRMA $100,000
Level Below which awards in the Supreme Court, in claims in contract or tort, may result in successful claimant only recovering costs on the scale applicable in the RM Court- section 131(1)(a) of JRMA $850,000