Trelawny PC

This courthouse was erected in 1815. The building is a Georgian design. The courthouse though razed by fire in 1926 was rebuilt. It numbered among the first official buildings in the town.

Main Court

Trelawny Parish Court

Duncan's, Trelawny, P.O. #3

Switchboard: +1 876-954-2191 / +1 876-954-2136

Fax Number: +1 876-954-2190

Email: [email protected]


Out Station

  • Falmouth Courthouse

         Water Square

         Falmouth, Trelawny

         Straight-line: +1 876-954-5555


  • Ulster Spring Courthouse

           Ulster Spring, Trelawny


  • Clarks Town Courthouse

            Clarks Town, Trelawny